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Appealing and innovative product packaging and package design service in Nigeria for businesses and brands.

Our designs:

  • Drives product awareness
  • Increases sales
  • Increase consumer engagement

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Packaging design is what we do best. A good package design should be persuasive, informative, protective, alluring and give an item the showman feel. The design should also go beyond aesthetics as an outstanding design should convey key information and, make an emotional connection to its audience.

A good product package is the driving force of retail brand presence.

The first thing your audience will see is your package and this is most times the motivating factor that will lead to response from them.

Our packaging and package design service includes designing packages, labels, and tags for beauty, pharmaceutical, food, clothing products.

As a professional packaging design agency, we understand what it means to maintain and promote brand image – we dedicate a lot into research and development. When it comes to creating a strong brand identity that will set you apart from competition, we incorporate unique elements in our design process to make your package design look fierce – like your competitors

Our package design process involves: 

  • Exploration – we immerse ourselves in the brief provided and study the market and trend analysis so as to identify the opportunity your brand deserves.
  • Innovation – our idea is being translated by applying our profound understanding of design and technologies.
  • Design – we commence with the design while working hand in hand with you.
  • Trademarking – Protect your package design
  • Photography – our in-house photographers gives us an insight of what it would look like when on the shelf
  • Retouching – to ensure consistency we expertly manage the image.
  • Printing/Production

We combine our creative packaging design skills and our branding knowledge to provide designs that will make your product noticeable.

Have an existing consumer product, or have an idea to launch a new one? Tell us how we can help. Call +2348061210261 to speak to a design expert.

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