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Professional Photography Company that offers high quality photographs for individuals, products and companies to enhance their image and maximize return on investment. 


Like every other assets in branding and marketing campaign for individuals and companies, Photography contributes immensely to the success of any strategy and it is all in the details of its execution. The wrong photographer can ruin a whole website or destroy an advert. It is a field that has its taste changing everyday as technology and people’s needs evolve. Till date, Photography is a major player in all digital branding and activations because it serves as a glue for all branding concepts. 


At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we specialize in web photography, product photography, architectural design photography, advertisement photography and so much more. We focus on capturing the uniqueness of your personality and products to give your audience the emotional attachment your brand deserves. 


Our in-house photographers are professionals that understands the essence of making a perfect first impressions with images, because good quality photography is no longer a luxury but a necessity for every brand that intends to stand out from competition. 


We are your specialist photographer. Unlike general purpose photographers, we only focus on brand and product photography for businesses and companies, so you have our undivided attention whenever we are handling your projects. 




Our photography services include: 

  • Web photography  

When we design your website, we don’t use stock images for your products or people. We don’t want to strip your website of the originality that will attract your audience, hence the need for our own unique website photos. Humans are extremely visual and sensitive to tone and details of designs, this is why we are technologically ready to deliver at all times. 



  • Product photography 

This is an extremely sensitive part of photography that companies don’t pay attention to, and at the end of the day fall victim to unprofessional photographers, thereby leading to unresponsive market sales for the product. 


We deliver nothing but high quality product photos that is pleasing to the eye of not just you but your clients. Our product photographers are experts that knows the right background, right lightings and perfect setup to make your product come out commercially ready. 


  • Personal branding photography 

Since your personality is important to you, a good picture of you is equally important, because this is the first thing your audience will see. A good image conveys extraordinary meaning at a glance. 

We take our time to take good photographs for your social media and other marketing avenues to promote your brand. 


  • Advert photography 

For advertisement of products, companies and brands, there is need for good photographs that will be captivating enough for your target audience. It is an important aspect for the success of any brand activation.  

The aim is to promote your image with perfect picture quality. 


  • Architectural design photography 

Our high resolution photographs and digital imaging is used in built environments for technical excellence. Architects depend on this detailed shots to rectify and restore images. With our state of the art digital cameras, pictures of structures from start to finish are taken and uploaded for enhancements and use in the digital world to promote their work. 


“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words”. – Ansel Adams 


Why you need us 

Our photography company is one with great passion and it shows in the way we handle projects for clients. We are specialist photographers and you should let us work for you because: 

  • We are all about quality 
  • Our pricing is clear and unambiguous  
  • We provide fast service delivery 
  • We take images that conveys your message – fit for its purpose 
  • We are the best around 


Give us a call today and let’s talk about your next photography project.