Professional Videography Company for businesses and companies that wishes to tell their story through our high quality video production services to promote their brand and increase awareness. 

Videography has grown to become an important and efficient marketing tool for companies to communicate their brand messages and also to introduce the new products and services they offer. It is the visual story for your business and it engages the hearts and minds of your audience. These short stories of not more than 2 minutes or less are relevant and authentic, else it won’t be entertaining enough to catch your audience attention. It must generate impact in the shortest time and form an emotional connection. 


At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we understand the effect you aim to achieve and we are always ready to hold your hand while at it. Our in-house videographers are experts that seek positive feedback from clients after every project. No matter the kind of video you want, be it scripted or unscripted, short or long, single location or multi location, serious or funny; we produce them all. All we need is to know your budget and we’ll generate ideas that will fit into it and also give you the engaging story you desire.  



The types of videos we produce 

We produce various types of videos for various purposes. For entertainment, information and brand awareness. They are: 

  • Motion graphics 

We deliver the best motion design work for every type of production from big commercials to online videos. Our motion graphics emphasizes and highlights moments in a live video, with rich colours and design to ensure our motion design projects is a success. 


  • Web videos 

We create online videos for corporate brands while designing their websites, to add value to their content and make it look and feel authentic. 


  • Explainer videos: 

To explain a new service or how a particular product works, companies now use explainer videos. We beautifully craft and produce the most creative, concise and engaging explainer videos. 


  • TV advertisement videos 

We work on TV commercials, we develop original concepts and with our wealth of experience in videography, we can make your TV ads a huge success. 


  • 3D Animations 

Our animation videos are produced by using various techniques and styles depending on the project. They can be fully animated or a combination of elements. 



Other types of videos we produce are

  • Company overviews 
  • Testimonials 
  • Investor relations videos 
  • Trade show videos 
  • Interview videos 
  • Event videos 
  • Promotional videos 
  • Documentaries  


“The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web.” – Michael Litt 

Our production process is solid and even though video production can be time consuming, we still manage to produce a detailed and unique video in the fastest time possible. 

We are a videography company that can give you maximum satisfaction with maximum efficiency.  

If you are still wondering why you should choose us, here are some unique reasons: 

  • We have the experience:  with a track record of crating challenging and highly effect videos 
  • We are creative:  even if your idea of your desired video is rough, our creativity will guide you. 
  • We offer great exposure:  our integrated marketing service will help your video reach your targeted audience fast. 
  • We offer competitive pricing:  we can work around any budget and still give you the best solution 
  • Fast turnaround time:  with us there is no delay in your project 
  • Our customer service is excellent:  we have dedicated project manager to ensure good and fast correspondence 
  • We are the best digital marketing experts in Nigeria:  you know this already. 


Call us today and let’s make your video say it all.