Professional email marketing company that assist businesses and companies to increase customer engagement and drive revenues with our unique marketing platform and services.

Many people believe that email marketing is old-fashioned due to the emergence of more fashionable platforms like mobile and social media marketing. On the contrary, with a compelling content marketing approach, email marketing is more powerful than any other media.

It enhances communication from the most direct line from conversion to sales, and this is why most online marketers are always inclined to depend on emails. Also, it is very cost-effective and it generates ROI that is 10times more than what other marketing media would. It deepens your interaction between you and your audience and delivers quality, niche specific and unique tone of voice content.


“One huge advantage of email vs. social media is its linear delivery model.” – Jay Baer


Our email marketing company offers the best strategy, platform and campaigns that creates professional emails with our customizable templates that will not only get you noticed but also boost your revenue growth.


Our general email services are:

  • Creation of email campaign

We create tailored email campaigns, insert your links, copy and images, and carry out optimization so as to meet the industry standard.


  • Data management

We set up mailing list, upload your data, and manage duplicates by cleansing your data and removing unsubscribers.


  • Project management

We take effective measure to ensure your campaign objectives and deadlines are met by working with relevant parties of copywriters, development team and compliance unit.


  • Email testing

We test email campaigns against industry spam standards and also ensure cross platform compatibility by viewing it across various email clients.


  • Email sending and reporting

We ensure that we maximise your campaign delivery rates by using our robust email delivery platform, after which the results will be emailed to you.


  • Constant monitoring

A dedicated campaign manager will be available to ensure up-to-date marketing tactics are used, so as to give the most effective email marketing campaign possible.


“Email has the ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” – David Newman


DIGIBUTTERFLY provides the most effective email marketing solution and services that will increase email marketing results in the most cost effective way possible. If you require to send thousands of emails every week or just a few campaigns in a year, we have a modern email marketing solution and strategy in place. You can choose from Full email campaign management or the Self-service campaign management to get your email marketing strategy on track.


Our email marketing campaign strategy to choose from are:

  • Full campaign management


This service is for companies that don’t have the expertise, resources and time to manage their email campaigns. It is a professional campaign service that is available on a regular or ad-hoc basis. By outsourcing your campaign management, you will get the opportunity to focus on other aspect of your business while we deliver your email campaigns.


We provide you with a complete support and management of your email marketing campaign with strategic planning data management, coding, design, content creation etc. Our team of experts will handle the campaign fully and professionally with our wide range of technical know-how to get the maximum return from your email campaigns.


Features of our full email marketing management include:

  • Creation and execution of follow up behavioural campaign and actions
  • Segmentation and targeting of data
  • Implementation of triggered email campaigns
  • Feedback and recommendations based on reporting metrics
  • Online surveys
  • Designing and building of microsites, landing pages and data capture forms.




  • Self-service campaign management


This service is for companies with highly experienced in-house email marketing experts or don’t run many campaigns in a year. It is you doing it yourself by using our own platform. We still get to provide the email delivery system to use and also furnish you with our design, coding or support staff that you need. This means that, you can run comprehensive email marketing by using our innovative platform while we provide you with support that you need.

Our self-service email marketing services is suitable for both small and large organisation.


Features of our self-service email marketing include:

  • Provision of efficient email platform
  • Fast online support
  • List management
  • Triggered email campaigns
  • HTML email builder
  • Segmentation and targeting of audience
  • Performance reporting


Additional services we offer businesses and companies are:

  • Email marketing consulting
  • Email data list
  • Social media integration
  • Email template design
  • Email marketing training



Benefits of using our email marketing services

  • High return on investment
  • Global reach; with the help of social media to get global audience
  • Tempting call to action
  • Segmentation; for easy targeting
  • Highly competitive pricing


We are always looking for ways to constantly and cost effectively reach people, with our optimized email marketing strategy. Our email campaigns have generated a lot of revenue for our clients, we would like to help you with the same.

Call us today to learn more on how we can help your business grow.