signage company Nigeria

Signage solutions in Lagos, Nigeria for businesses, construction companies, and architects looking for timely delivered, quality, and bespoke signs.

Our service:

  • Boosts brand image
  • Attracts new customers
  • Communicates marketing and informational messages

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From conceptualization to design, and installation, our signage solution is aimed at bringing your brand to life, and optimizing its performance.

Before your customer meets you, your company’s signage is the face they see. This makes it a very important marketing tool because it informs them of your services, inspires them, and grab their attention – in just a quick glance.

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we are committed to developing your brand because it says who you are and what you represent. We aim to reflect your style and professionalism with our custom designs.

Our unique signage solutions include:

signageExterior Signage

A good outdoor sign is vital for creating the perfect first impression and serve as a guide for customers around the building into the building.

Our external signs are designed to withstand series of weather conditions because w make them by using the latest technology and materials of good quality.

We make different types of outdoor signs like Façade logo (on the building seen from the street), site entrance monolith or pylon sign (at the entrance for vehicular turn-in), main reception entrance sign.

We produce our signs as 3d signs, channel letters, Built up Lettering, Illuminated signs, Monoliths, Flat cut letter signs and so on.


signage Lagos NigeriaInterior Signage

An indoor sign is a fundamental part of providing information to client inside your premises. It provides ease of movement and a huge sense of direction.

Our internal signage are used independently or as a navigating scheme.

We make Safety & Compliance signs, Directional signs or wayfinding signs, indoor Point-of-purchase displays, reception monoliths, floor level signs, floor index signs, and all indoor signs you might need.

We produce interior signs that instils a sense of comfort in your clients and employees, give valuable impressions on visitors, and compliments your corporate environment.

Reception Environmental Graphics

This provides a means for interior workplace branding and focused, revolving delivery of marketing messages.

Architectural Signage

We have extensive experience in producing signs that gives architects aesthetic aspirations by the use of quality materials. This includes reception monoliths, site entrance monoliths, façade logos, and more.

Exhibition Display Signage

Exhibition displays help businesses become more visible with our flexible and eye catching displays that is effective for corporate branding and communicate your message.

Our exhibition display services are Acrylic displays, Exhibition banners, Modular sign system, plasma screens/LED display etc.

Our unique process for signage production

We take the following professional process in the delivery of your one-of-kind sign, they are:

  • Survey – we undergo site survey to establish the signage that is needed, where and how it should be located. It is important to establish a thorough understanding of the job given before commencement.
  • Design – we start your design by interpreting your vision and ideas to create a sign that will promote your brand and meet functional requirements.
  • Production – our production capabilities include digital printing, acrylic fabrication, vinyl graphics and other solutions to give you a unique sign.
  • Quality Check – We thoroughly inspect the product and check if it meets our quality assurance standards.
  • Installation and maintenance – our installation team comprise of well trained, equipped and skilled professionals. We also provide maintenance for continuous improvement and investment protection.


signage installationWhy choose DIGIBUTTERFLY as your signage company?

  • We have a huge reputation for quality, reliability and innovation.
  • We focus on clients’ budgets and requirements .
  • ·Our sign experts are experienced with more than 8yrs experience in sign making.
  • Visual representation (2d or 3d) of proposed sign
  • As we are also a branding company, we understand how your signage affects your brand’s perception, hence, we ensure, our signage solution compliments your overall visual identity.
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Safety conscious experts
  • Precise and solid installation
  • You get wide variety of design options and materials
  • Free consultation on your project

For more information about our Signage service and what it can do for your business, call +2348061210261 to speak to a signage expert now.