At DIGIBUTTERFLY, the crux of our services are Brand design and management and brand development. We comprehensively believe that the foundation of a successful business is an effective brand design.

Your pledge, the great belief, thoughts, notions, as well the expectations that reside within clients and prospects mind regarding your product, your service along with your company defines your brand.

Individuals get to love brands, believe in them, grow powerful attachments, purchase them or use their service and trust in their supremacy.

A brand is a rule of thumb for your business. It must live up to its expectations.

We trust that the efficient management of a brand is about the creation of value-driven, positive and lasting perceptions, a constructive emotional connection with your customer, and fundamentally, customer loyalty.  Ultimately, a brand is more valuable than Gold.

Our brand is not how we define it..                …Our brand is what others define it to be

What is your response when asked the questions below?

•        How do you stand out?

•       Which  effects do you have on your customers that no one has?

•       What daily task do you do to add value to your customers’ lives?

Whatever phase you are  in beginning your branding project, we will work alongside in developing a world class brand that suits your business and is effective through all your brand’s presence, both offline and online.

DIGIBUTTERFLY’s team of Business savvy professionals understands buyer psychology in all it€™s forms. This includes the use of persuasive language, colour psychology as well as typography.

What does this mean for you?

Your brand will be accessed from all angles to craft/define your company’s mission, vision, and values that individuals will know, like, believe and buy into.  Do you need to revitalize your brand? Need not worry, we have a re-branding service for businesses requiring a revamp.

After the branding process, we are more than capable in the developed brand’s application across various touch-points, such as your social media channels, website,  brochures, signage, newsletters, vehicle, and stationery, etc…

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