website development Lagos nigeria

Custom website development service in Lagos, Nigeria by expert website developers for businesses and brands that require a unique solution and a superior return on investment.

An enhanced corporate image that is borne out of a well-conceived and planned website does the following to a business:

  • Increase business revenue
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Reach corporate objectives

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Today, websites are usually not developed from the scratch to fit right into your peculiar business or brand needs. They usually are minimally integrated into your peculiar business and brand needs. With this current trend, growth opportunities are not fully optimized for your brand.

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we understand your need for an integrated and innovative website as this offers an opportunity to optimize brand and business performance. Our professional website developers are focused on creating a technically functional, yet and aesthetically pleasing web application.

Whether your requirement is of a complex nature or a simple one, our website development services will cater for your needs, give your audience an exceptional satisfaction. Our aim is to drive your business’ performance using the latest website development technologies.

Our website development service includes:

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  • Back-end development 
  • UX Design
  • Front-end development / Website design
  • Security Configuration
  • Plugin integration 

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  • Information architecture 
  • Web server configuration
  • Website code maintenance
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web content development


Our website development service product includes:

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  • Web Portals
  • Web applications
  • Full custom websites
  • Intranet applications
  • HR web application

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  • Database applications 
  • Content management systems
  • Inventory management applications
  • Custom blogs & forums


We offer website maintenance service along with our website development service so as to allow your company serve valuable time and resources dealing with back-end and system issues. This will ensure you remain focused on the business aspect of your brand.  

We also give training to the client’s web administrator, so basic troubleshooting and fixes can be carried internally thereby saving time.

Why choose DIGIBUTTERFLY as your website developer?

Our expert Nigerian web developers have years of experience and extensive knowledge in web application frameworks, database programming, JavaScript libraries and frameworks, programming languages, and cutting-edge web application technologies

We also follow a winning methodology. This is a project management and development process that includes Server performance and load testing, quality assurance testing, documentation and reporting. Security is also a critical aspect on a web development project. We integrate security standards and procedures in our process.

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we are big on usability as we believe this is critical a website’s success. Our website application’s back-end and front-end user-interface are simple.

This is to improve user experience, encourage repeat usage and provide a great brand experience.

Call +2348061210261 today to speak to an expert on your next web development project. 

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