Professional brand naming and tagline agency that creates impactful names and slogan for businesses and companies for better positioning in their industry.

A brand’s name and tagline must work together to aid prospects decision making. The good news is, you can control how much they relate and how prospects perceive you. In every situation, a successful name and tagline equilibrates each other.

To get a good brand name and tagline, we ask questions like:

  • Does it play to prevailing social, economic and political trends?
  • Is it futuristic?
  • Does it infringe on existing trademarks?
  • Does it cut across multiple platforms?

Your company’s name and tagline will be your customers’ first knowledge of your unique business model. This is because it appears on every single piece of marketing materials. So it should always reflect the company and also striking enough to be stamped in your clients’ memory.

Our brand naming and tagline process

Brand naming and taglines is an emotionally driven process. You know this, don’t you?

While other agencies focus majorly on brainstorming sessions to get company’s identity, because of course, your name is the face of the business; we focus on our well-practised strategy that proves that a brand name is not just the face of your business but the window to your brand strategy.

Even though the process is tailored to meet clients need, this approach focuses on achieving projects objectives with your budget and timeline.

Our naming process:

  • We carry out initial research and analysis
  • We establish naming criteria
  • We get a potential name list
  • We carry out trademark research
  • We refine your positioning strategies and
  • We carry out linguistic evaluation
  • We get an approved name.

For our taglines, process involved are:

  • Wet get business specifics
  • Check where it is headed
  • Research on the present state of your industry


We understand the wonders a great slogan does for positioning. It can also be changed as your company changes or when it moves along with a new vision. A good business tagline keeps your branding neat and consistent.

“As a picture paints a thousand words. A word can paint a thousand pictures” – unknown


Over the years, we have realised that good taglines transform a logical brand strategy into an emotionally vibrant visual experience. Let our professional branding team create a name and tagline for your company with our unique creativity for a memorable brand experience. We are experts at concocting your business’s personality and values into a sentence. We pride ourselves in being the modern day wordsmith with a passion.

Push the stress of picking a name and tagline to us, and watch how we boost your image with words.