940 by 300(Print Ad designs)


Print is still very much alive. The power in its integrity and tangibility is evident. Its personal effect is something digital can’t compete with. It is credible, trustworthy, meaningful and above all, memorable. No wonder why it has been the most trusted advertising medium for generations. 

It won’t be fair to talk about print ad without talking of the effectiveness and the personal quality of print, hence the reason for the first paragraph. Print ad is a valuable medium that woks for majority of businesses and companies, even in today’s world of digital marketing. However, to motivate your audience, the design must be done properly. 

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we create innovative and attractive print advertisement that stay within the lines of your brand identity. We design print ads that revitalizes an existing brand and also to promote a new one.  

Our ad designers ensure that the design layout is clean, headline is engaging and the visual is impeccable enough to easily define your message. This is done by incorporating the right combination of elements into your print ad, for it to be noticeable. 

We design and develop: 

  • Ads for magazine 
  • Ads for trade publication 
  • Ads for new products 
  • Ads for newspaper 


We carry out our ad designs by working closely with you so as to use your input as a guide in creating your exceptional print material, while staying within your budget and achieving your short and long term goals.  


Benefits of print ads  

  • Performance – brand awareness, ad awareness, brand favourability, message association and purchase intent are components of the purchase funnel and print advertisements generates the best result across four of the five components; specifically magazine ads. It outperforms both television and internet advertising. 
  • Engagement – People listen to the radio and watch the television passively, and most times, the sounds and images may not compel attention. The reader of newspaper or magazine makes conscious effort to engage with words and images on the paper. 
  • Permanence – Print ads is on the page permanently, it can promote ads for months, unlike internet and television ads that flashes before the eye and might not be there the next minute or next day or next time. 


If what you desire is a print ad agency that can create print ads that will do the following: 

  • Hit your target market  
  • Engage your audience 
  • Longer shelf life 
  • Give you a cheap and effective alternative 

…..then DIGIBUTTERFLY is what you need. 

Call us today and let’s discuss on how to promote your brand over a cup of tea.