digital marketing in Nigeria

Integrated Digital marketing solutions company that drive sales, qualified leads, and revenue for businesses and individuals seeking to meet short and long term business objectives. 

Our digital marketing solutions:

  • increases brand awareness
  • drive sales and increase revenue
  • provides strategic direction for online marketing activities

With over billions of people connected online today, businesses must be aware that there is an enormous opportunity to get their brand to their desired audience. It is however important to get it right at once because the digital realm is sensitive and the online presence and communication is critical to the future of the business.

As at December 2015, Nigeria internet users have grown to over 97 million. – NCC

Getting the right prospects online to know about your brand and engage with it is the whole idea of digital marketing. However, getting value or the most value out of this marketing avenue depends on the strategy employed.

Most brands have failed because they got their online marketing strategy all wrong from the start and with the evolving nature of the digital world, there is little or no time to make mistakes if your aim is to build a competitive brand.

This requires unique skill-sets, expertise, solid capabilities and hands-on experience, which is exactly what DIGIBUTTERFLY brings to the table. We help businesses and organisations navigate the digital landscape correctly. We also advise them on how to leverage the right strategy that will align their business objectives immediately and in the future. 

We boast of in-depth experience in digital marketing and we have worked for various clients in different sectors of the industry.

The internet is the first place 85% Nigerians look when they need information. – Connected Consumer survey, Google

Our unique process of carrying out audit on the brand before choosing services required before running campaigns has helped uniquely position so many brands and businesses. This ultimately helps to increase visibility and generate revenue while saving cost.

Our digital marketing services include:

We serve start-ups, entrepreneurs and companies by helping them achieve their dreams by touching new business heights. We listen to your goals and requirements to render a customized service that will provide you with the desired business returns and maximum return on investment.

Why choose us as your digital marketing partner?

Our vast experience in working with different industries and geographies gives us the edge over all other digital marketing agencies. The reason why you should choose our online marketing company for your digital marketing activities is that you will get:

  • Personalized solution
  • Smart audience engagement
  • Higher conversions and ROI
  • Huge digital market presence
  • Transparent reporting and analytics
  • Certified Digital Marketing professionals to work with.

Allow our digital marketing experts to help your digital journey easier with a thorough professional guidance. Call +2348061210261 for a free digital marketing consultation.