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Pay Per click advertising for businesses and brands keen on optimizing their Return on online advertising investment and profitability.

Our PPC campaign management service:

  • Increases business revenue
  • Generates Brand awareness
  • Drive sales and conversions
  • Generates immediate profitable website traffic

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Pay per click advertising is an integral part of online marketing. We have in-depth research and expertise in launching paid search and display campaigns.

Search campaigns: Search engine marketing is the quickest and controllable way for your website to get to the top of search results when people check for your type of business. In Paid search marketing, using google adwords, you pay per click, hence it becomes easy to control your ad spend, budget and forecast the Return on Investment (ROI) of your campaign.

Display campaigns: Companies investing in PPC ads as a key medium for brand awareness is increasing every year, and because of the growing competition in every sector, it is now very important for companies to get the right PPC agency. Your ads can be displayed to your relevant audience in form of text, image, videos, or rich media formats.

We have been managing PPC adverts for years and have developed a unique methodology for our PPC campaign management for small and large businesses.

These tested and trusted methodologies are:

  • PPC Strategy: it is important to formulate a robust strategy when implementing a new PPC campaign or taking over an already existing account. To get a campaign that is perfect for you, we get to know your business, competitors and industry sector, then we can develop a strategy that will deliver results.
  • Implementation: the PPC account is created or we build out your existing campaign according to best practices.
  • Audience targeting: we make use of an extensive set of targeting tools in order for your ads to get to those who need to see it alone and in turn optimize your ad budget. Targeting tools include keyword targeting, contextual targeting, and audience targeting.
  • Ad creative: multiple ad copy and creatives variations are tested to determine which one will drive the highest clicks and conversion rate. We put a strong call to action and continuously test the keywords to be sure you are getting the right traffic at the lowest cost possible. Our ads are also google adwords and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) compliant.
  • Ad Extensions: we utilize available ad extensions relevant to your ad goals to provide you with the opportunity to stand out over your competitors and reach more people for less.
  • PPC Optimization: this will refine and focus the campaign to continually push the performance boundaries. A complex and customized optimization system is developed to ensure that the targeted ROI is achieved and profitability maximized.
  • Reporting: we produce insightful reports about how the PPC campaign is going. This is measured against the key metrics that matters.

You can reach 90% of internet users using PPC ads – (2012)

Our other PPC management tools/techniques include:

  • Campaign health check
  • Local advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Dynamic search
  • Keyword insertion
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Competitive research
  • Architectural structure
  • Creative testing
  • Click path analysis
  • Equity weighting
  • Day parting

There are lots of companies offering PPC Services, but to get a PPC company that can effectively manage your campaign, it is imperative you allow us handle it. Our PPC experts are Google Adwords certified professionals that do not only develop strategic skills but also ensure they generate sales maximization and optimization. We are focused on real results that positively impact your business performance.

If you have an existing PPC campaign, let us run a PPC audit to let you know where we can come in; but if you haven’t connected with the world of paid search and display ads, the time is now.

Call +2348061210261 today to speak to one of our online marketing expert. Let’s discuss your business and advertising objectives.

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