Professional brand activation service that delivers effective brand activation campaigns by integrating productive marketing media to help clients promote their products and increasing sales.


Sparking of consumer’s interest and loyalty by using seamless integration of all available communication means in a creative platform is what we refer to as Brand Activation. As you know, we are not here to define the term but to explain how our activation strategy can uplift your brand and give your customers a whole new experience.

Our approach creates a beneficial and profitable long lasting relationship between brands and consumers. We possess great ideas that get people to act. This wealth of experience and professionalism cuts across small and big brands – as long as the motive is to get noticed. Put simply, we are experts at communicating with your target audience in a memorable and affordable way.

We go about this by following these simple steps;

Discovery – Engagement – Experience – Activation


Our solution is based on the premise that a positive brand experience produces good brand momentum – this is very important especially if you are starting a new business or working with a small budget. So we focus on creating a digital roadmap to your company for a unique brand experience and we optimise our digital branding efforts to help you generate leads.


At DIGIBUTTERFLY, our activation service have a unique process that assist companies in engaging consumers, promoting brands, and delivering the best experiential marketing in a controlled manner, thereby facilitating return on investment. Also bear it in mind, you will be dealing with experts that will practically shape the future of your company and make your brand relevant.



Some of the activation strategies in our brand activation arsenal include:

  • Brand and visual identity
  • Social media customization (Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Youtube and Twitter)
  • Naming and trademarks
  • Print promotion (Catalogue and material designs)
  • Email campaign
  • Point of sale (POS materials design)



Our brand activation metrics

Consumer brands activation help companies build a loyal fan base and bring a company to life. The main idea is to create experiences that are memorable and engaging, and also touch the sensitive part of your company.

Below is the list of metrics for our brand activation campaigns:

  • Uniqueness
  • Integration capabilities
  • Amplification
  • Long term potentials
  • Return on investment
  • Relevance
  • Consumer reach


If people talk about brands after they saw its campaign, the impact on sales is increased by 400% – Steven Van (Brand Activation Specialist)





Why you need us:

If you want a brand activation agency that can;

  • Increase sales
  • Deliver quantifiable results
  • Create awareness for brands
  • Reinforce brand positioning
  • Resurrect an aging brand
  • Give brand more prominence

………………………………………………….then DIGIBUTTERFLY brand activation is what you need.


Call us today and let’s discuss how to place your brand in the hearts of your target audience.