Professional digital activation agency for businesses and companies that needs to create a memorable brand experience by activating their products and services through our integrated digital marketing for growth and profit.

We offer an integrated digital marketing service that cover email marketing, website design, SEO etc. Our engagement commences with a thorough analysis of your industry, product, services, and competition, followed by a unique digital strategy plan to meet your revenue targets. We believe in our activation programs that are designed to ignite awareness, engagements, information and connection to people in meaningful ways.

Our focus is digitally driven and our marketing is communication based, which means that we monitor our campaign with key performance indicators agreed before the start of the project.


At DIGIBUTTERFLY, our winning digital activation process has put us among the best in the industry and it has helped to increase awareness, sales and prominence of all the companies we have worked with. Our simple but effective digital activation process involve 5 major steps, they are:

  • Evaluation of market insights

We review brand strengths, multiple business goals, brand story, and success factor

  • Digital maturity index

We establish a digital audit toolkit to help determine digital maturity indicators that will give us a view of where the brand is presently

  • Activating the brand

We work on visibility, proximity and brand loyalty here, with our focus on it being enabling and engaging for the target audience

  • Integrated marketing

We incorporate our online, offline and social media strategies.

  • Digital brand activation

Key measurement is carried out, online marketing is being carried out and assets are identified.

In the course of making you visible, accessible and proximal to your audience, we have mapped out our winning strategy with a framework that is 100% effective. These activation campaigns is the secret behind the success of our integrated digital marketing and we believe your company can benefit from it too. They are:

  • Website design

This involves designing a tailor made website for the campaign, website messaging, mobile website and a content management. We have a team that is confident of bringing high-quality result for any type of industry

  • Social media marketing

We develop effective social media campaigns that uplift brand awareness and engage your audience while we continuously drive traffic and leads to your websites. We can either set up a new social media channels or enhance your existing channels – Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Our social media services include:

  • Social profile creation
  • Social media audit
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Widget strategy development
  • Blog strategy development
  • Blog design, setup and optimization
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Competitive analysis


  • Email marketing

The use of emails to engage and interact with your potential or existing audience is another key digital strategy we create for your activation campaign is among the most efficient and engaging channels to get the right audience at the right time.

  • SEO

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we utilize the latest search engine optimization strategies, combine with in-depth internet expertise, to deliver effective search engine placements for your company. Our SEO service include keywords research analysis, initial site review and rank monitoring and reporting. All in a bid to give your audience a reason to stay focused on your brand.


  • PPC Advertising

Our pay-per-click campaigns delivers a compelling result that makes you visible and add real value to your business. We manage campaigns on all major search engines, like Google, yahoo and Bing – whatever we feel your campaign needs, there is a great return on investment for you.

Other digital activation campaigns we embark on to get you noticed are:

  • Google Ad words,
  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • CRM Consultancy
  • Loyalty Campaign Management

 “Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.” – Anonymous

Why you need us

Our digital activation management will give you the following:

  • We identify the best channels for online communication and presence
  • We identify and analyse web audience and brand positioning online
  • We strengthen the brand’s targeted prospects
  • We multiply your revenue
  • We increase your sales
  • We consolidate your marketing channels
  • We boost market share
  • We ensure customer retention
  • We create brand engagement
  • We meet your challenge

Why not call us today for the activation of your brand online, we promise to get you noticed with our integrated digital marketing campaigns.