940 by 300(Folder design design)


Folders have the potential impact to fascinate your largest audience and pas across a memorable message. When properly designed it speaks volume and put the spark in your brand .it is the first impression of your company’s brand identity.

We at DIGIBUTTERFLY can get you a custom designed folder that specifically represents your organization. We know the importance of folders as a marketing tool and the implication to businesses when neglected. The offer an unmatched branding opportunity owing to the fact that they are being used over repeatedly.

The types of folder design our experts can provide your company are:

  • Corporate folder design
  • Presentation folder design
  • Portfolio folders
  • File folder design Pocket folder design

To enhance your company’s image and credibility, a professionally designed folder is what you need. Your audience pays attention to details and look to feel the quality of your materials, so it is imperative to invest in getting a good design from us, so as to encourage your audience to understand your product and services better.

Let’s make your company look professional by designing your preferred office folder for you. Give us a try today.