visual identity design Nigeria

Memorable & distinct visual identity design service that enhances brand recall, improves customer loyalty, and builds brand equity. 

Our Visual Identity Design service: 

  • Distinguishes your brand in the marketplace.
  • Adds value to your business, product, service and/or campaigns.
  • Fuses business strategy with design thinking, thereby improving brand performance

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Your visual Identity is a collection of all visual elements that are associated with your brand. A corporate visual identity is a vital part of branding that forms the customer’s impression about a company, its product and, its service. It greatly influences stakeholders, customers, and potential customers’ opinion, thoughts, and actions.

Therefore, it is imperative to build and continuously work on your brand’s identity. With close collaboration with you, our focus is to give your brand a compelling identity and identity system that will resonate the core values of your company, and help build trust and lasting relationships with your stakeholders.

Our corporate identity design or redesign usually involves:

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  • Identity assessment & Research
  • Logo, typography, colours design or restyling
  • Photography/Image style
  • Videography
  • Collateral design[/column]

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Our branding experts are trained in approaching and developing visual identities with thoughtfulness and skill, in order to create a functional and relevant brand.

The importance of brand identity design for an organisation is something we are well aware of, this is why we expend time and energy into understanding clear goals and business objectives of a company beforehand, and aligning our creative thinking into achieving them.

When do i need to design or redesign my brand’s visual identity? Here are some pointers:

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  • When starting a new business/company
  • Launching a product, service, campaign, or division
  • An identity is dated
  • Re-positioning a company
  • Inconsistent identity[/column]

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  • Merging with another company 
  • Internal expansion into divisions of varying themes
  • Need to enter new markets
  • Need to communicate more clearly
  • The company does not work well on the well [/column]

Why Choose us as your visual identity design firm?

Our designers have years of experience in branding and design. We follow an effective creative process that ensures your resulting brand reflects your business values, and is relevant to your target audience.

Furthermore, we continuously work with you afterwards in further improving your brand, this is why we see you as partners instead of clients.

‘’think DIGIBUTTERFLY VI design, think KAIZEN’’

As you make that corporate decision on the branding agency to handle your brand, we would like you to think of the unique features of designing your brand’s Identity with us.

They are:

  • Our Creative and strategic team
  • Outstanding budget control (No surprises)
  • Great communication skills
  • Detailed structure
  • Digital Marketing Advantage.

Let’s build a working relationship and be partners in the growth of your business and brand. Call +2348061210261 to speak to a brand expert.

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