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Being creative with the adverts on your website can improve conversion rate and also help with audience engagement.

If your aim is to place emphasis on certain points or demonstrate how your products or services work, ad banners can be used to bring these elements to life. In the event that your audience find it difficult to understand your message through text, these animated banners are more helpful for users to digest your content

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we design ads that gives a visual link to websites and are enticing enough to make a viewer click learn more about its purpose. We understand that the key to designing an efficient and effective ad is to ensure that it is simple, so as to enable it appear fast in browsers.

Our graphic designers are experts that are specialized in the creation of Professional website banners, social media graphics and animated images.

Our web ad design services are:

  • Website banners: we make custom website banners that are branded to your company and are designed to your size requirements. It could be static or animated.
  • Social media graphics: we design graphics and animated images for Google ads, Facebook ads, Yahoo ads and Twitter ads
  • Animated ads: we create high quality animated ads that can be used for presentations, email footers etc.


Features of our ad designs include:

  • Standardized: all our ads are designed to meet your specifications and requirements. We also ensure that your company branding guidelines are incorporated to enable it project your brand.
  • Optimized for Performance: our ads are created with unique techniques that makes it standout and also a perfectly align with the theme, size and style that is required.
  • Client focused: Every design starts and ends with you and the message you want communicated. This means that you are in control throughout the whole design process.
  • Attractive and engaging: our ad designs are stunning and eye catchy.
  • Cost effective


Get in touch with us today for your ad designs for an effective marketing of products and services.