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Our SEO service:

  • Generates leads/sales
  • Increases long term revenue
  • Reduces your overall marketing expenses

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Search engine optimization or search engine marketing refers to all efforts made to get your website or webpage to gain traffic from natural search results on search engines. With over 3.5billion searches being performed on Google per day, SEO offers an immense opportunity to get targeted traffic relevant to your own business from these searches to help reach your marketing objectives.

61% of internet users worldwide research products online. (Interconnected World, 2012)

However, today, everyone claims to be SEO experts. SEO is not without its landmines and it is important to find the right SEO agency. Here are a few SEO pointers to arm yourself with along the way:

  • It requires an SEO strategy.
  • It is not all about keywords.
  • It is not a one size fits all solution.
  • Content marketing is important to Modern SEO
  • SEO results can take time. It is not a quick advertising fix.
  • If you are being offered a quick results, it may be through dubious means that can get your website penalized by search engines and removed from search engine result pages.

It is almost impossible to match with theever-changingg landscape of SEO. Positioning your company on the forefront of trends and algorithm changes is a task for professionals that understand the science and art of SEO, and also the foundational elements at its core.

These professionals are already available at DIGIBUTTERFLY. When you hand over your search engine optimization marketing to us, you can focus on other areas of your business while we put our SEO tactics to work to take your company to the most coveted number one spot in search engine result for your industry on Google.

Our SEO services in Nigeria include:

Audit and Competitive Analysis

To develop a strong SEO strategy, the first thing we do is establish your goals and problems. So we conduct a thorough SEO analysis of all segments of your website, market research and analyse your competitors. Code and web analytics are reviewed to find new opportunities, before we put our findings together to develop the campaign that will achieve your desired result.

You will be updated on our progress by giving you a detailed benchmark report with existing keyword ranking and organic search traffic, so that you can know your present position and track our progress along the way.

Keyword analysis and strategy

We identify and select accurate keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your business and can generate targeted traffic for an optimized return on your investment. Our team of experts finalise a thorough keyword analysis and identify new opportunities while magnifying existing top performing keywords.

Link building

Links are the fundamental signal used within scoring, and even though it is an outdated terminology in online marketing, it is still very effective. The popularity of your website and quality of websites linking to it is measured by search engines, so we work with clients to develop a search engine optimization strategy that will stimulate organic link acquisitions.

Social media integration

Emergence of social media is one of the most significant changes in SEO. Creating content and building presence on social networks is a key strategy to organically boost link popularity. Social media optimization is carried out to increase positive signals, search engine rankings and deliver traffic from social media.

Conversion rate optimization

We ensure that the generated website traffic from search engines are converted into leads and sales for your business. This ensures your SEO investment remains worthwhile.

Web architecture optimization

We index your website and pages with search engine spiders to identify broken links robots.txt file, bad links, xml sitemaps and other roadblocks. We carry out improvements on the internal linking structure that will build site authority.

Content strategy and optimization

Content is still king. It is the backbone of any compelling SEO campaign. Our team of expert content developers ensure that the on-page content is not only relevant to your audience, but SEO optimized.

Code optimization

Our code optimization include the implementation of microdata, optimization of headings structure and Meta tags, web accessibility attributes and so on.

Other SEO services we render includes SEO backlink clean-up, video search optimization, local search engine optimization.

Why choose DIGIBUTERFLY as your SEO company?

Looking for the best SEO agency in Nigeria? Search no further. We run SEO campaigns for clients backed with the right SEO strategy that suits their business and its marketing objectives.

We maintain between the top of the page and first page results on Google for almost all of the keywords related to our industry. We are 100% confident that we can do the same for your company too.

Our certified experts have years of experience getting businesses found online with white-hat ethical SEO.

Remember, if you can’t be easily found by potential and existing customers, there is no way they can do business with you.

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. – Hubspot, 2012

Here are more reasons to make an SEO investment with us:

  • Increase in leads/conversion
  • Improved brand trust and credibility
  • Brand awareness boost
  • Increased web traffic
  • Website performance and usability improvement

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