Our brand Inspiration comes from the magical transformation of the caterpillar into the fully blown butterfly we all love to see. At DIGIBUTTERFLY we believe we can apply such magical transformation to your business to make you emerge from your chrysalis to soar like the beautiful butterfly in reaching your brand and business objectives. We urge you all to just IMAGINE TRANSFORMATION.


Our Mission

DIGIBUTTERFLY was founded with a single mission: To create extraordinary brands. Brands that get attention, brands that generate interest, and brands that tell the relevant consumer something new.


Our Team

We are only as good as our team, and the people who work on the chrysalis are a special bunch of people. We spend time and effort selecting the perfect match for our organization, not just creative excellence, but big thinkers, detail anoraks, technology geeks all with personalities to match what we are about Brand! We work as a team should spending time together working out ideas, discussing projects in depth and generally getting under the skin of all kinds of brand issues. We share knowledge in order to build all of our experience and wisdom. If you would like to join this great branding hub then get in touch.

Working with us, our Methodology & Approach

Above all we need to talk to you. If we are to develop a design campaign in any form that will communicate effectively your values and strengths to an audience it helps to have a thorough understanding of your objectives, product/services, and environment.

After the initial discussion of your requirements, an important part of our service is to firstly offer a free no-obligation detailed proposal and quotation. This will cover all aspects of your project and include options for future development/expansion and a programme for delivering the design scheme in budgeting intervals. If after this you decline our services we promise not to hound you!

We like to work simply and to agreed stages, schedule and budget all of which we will confirm prior to commencing any work. When you are happy we will prepare design proposals to define the initial themes of the project and present them either in person or online depending on the nature of your project.

We will present you with the solution we feel is correct but always supported with a range of alternatives. Any required design revisions will be represented for your acceptance before implementing throughout the scheme.

At all times during the schedule, we will make available development progress via high resolution pdfs for printed media or secure hosting to view web development. We like open communication throughout and will keep you involved of developments at all stages however we won’t burden you with unnecessary technicalities. We are happy to discuss with you at all stages any design, content or production concerns you may have. After the project is delivered we are always on hand to provide further support and design development either internally or to suppliers.


Fee Structure

There are several parameters that make it unfeasible to apply a generic formula to costing projects. We have a broad service range but our work is also bespoke, therefore unlike many other agencies we do not rely on templates or trends as a design method. Likewise, many of our clients have requirements that are specific to their area of business or they may wish to work in intervals outside of a traditional programme. All of which we can accommodate but we will need to price accordingly.

Having initially discussed your requirements an important part of our service is to first offer a free no-obligation detailed quotation covering all aspects of your project; if after this you decline our services we promise not to hound you!

Many assume that using a professional design agency will naturally be expensive but you can rest assured that DIGIBUTTERFLY offers good value for money and operate a transparent pricing policy. We always honor our price and will inform you of any modifications before or during production that may impact on agreed costing’s before we proceed.

Due to the scale and set up of our company, we can offer our clients the benefits, experience, and quality synonymous with a west end agency without the associated costs.

We understand the current business climate and therefore price our rates to ensure you get an excellent return on your investment. Visit the quote area now and leave a few brief project details. You may be surprised what your allocated budget could achieve in terms of developing company positioning, improved status, Brand recognition, market visibility, and associated sales.