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Professional office templates design agency that helps businesses and companies communicate efficiently to their audience by using our technological know-how and experience.

Hate it or love it, a well implemented office template design is very important for the success of any business. Clients now demand for templates, because they have realised that when used as an integral part of their visual identity, it generates a significant benefit to their organisation.

Now don’t get me wrong, the template I am talking about here is not the generic ones you get in browsers, here we are talking about Microsoft Office Templates. Apart from its market dominance, majority of businesses have realised that it satisfy their day to day tasks of writing memos, letters, creating presentations etc.


Our template design offer global template services that covers everything you need to successfully implement Microsoft office in your corporate world. We create document and presentation templates that help businesses communicate efficiently and effectively.

We use standard design industry packages and they enable us to translate your designs into client friendly templates for Microsoft office. It is no longer news that the demand for high quality presentations is on the increase, so instead of struggling with your PowerPoint, that time is better spent on content building and all you need do is allow us design a custom office template for your company.

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, our simple process for a unique template solution is:

  • Assessment of needs
  • Template design (or review of existing design)
  • Feasibility study
  • Building of Microsoft office template
  • Controlled testing
  • Rollout and implementation
  • Training
  • Maintenance support

……….we proffer the perfect solution every step of the way.


You should allow us handle your corporate templates because we are truly passionate about our office templates and tools and our emphasis is always on contemporary design and user-friendliness.

Contact us today for a brief demonstration so that you can have an idea on how we intend to help boost your productivity and implement your brand into Microsoft office.