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Professional personal branding consultant that works with individuals and companies, by carefully developing a recognizable and unique brand for growth and attainment of their goals.


Your personal brand, your fingerprint.

We are all being recycled. Now you have a funny look on your face, like: seriously?

Ok, let me explain.

You will notice that there is always someone that has your kind of face, behaviour, attitude, body and lifestyle. Maybe not around you, maybe in the next city or next country, or next life; but the fact is, there is always someone like you. It became so hard to detect the true culprit when a crime is committed, until the birth of finger print technology. Science discovered that no two persons has the same thumb print and decided to use it as a major identification method. Also, DNA. So, there is a unique identifier- in finger prints.


The essence of the short epistle is this;


Even though people are doing the same thing these days- talking alike, acting alike, doing business alike; we believe you can stand out and become the centre of focus in your industry. This is possible by subscribing for our personal branding service, where we bring out the uniqueness and individuality you never knew existed in you. With us, you can never be imitated.


A strong personal brand that is curiously managed gives your career the uniqueness that shows that you are authentic and creative. This is why we put so much effort in our personal brand management so that your values, purpose, goals and vision can be carefully honed to lift your career or entrepreneurial success. As we all know, working hard is no longer enough to ensure success.




Some of the tactics we employ in our personal branding include,

But not restricted to:


  • Creation and development of your personal website
  • Creation of your portfolio
  • Creation of a personal search engine optimization (SEO)
  • In-depth strategic planning
  • Creation of a social media presence
  • Personal bio development
  • Networking Strategies


We believe each client is unique, so we analyse through series of exercises and articulate your brand before we embody it into your personal life.


Why you should let us brand us

The world will never know how special you are until you are able to show what makes you exceptional. This is why it is important for you to opt for our agency’s brand management.

We will ensure that:

  • You are distinguished from peers and competition
  • Your market value increases
  • Your strength and skills are optimized
  • Your values are clearly defined and aligned
  • Your personal image and style is improved
  • You become visible to your target audience
  • Your corporate brand investment is maximized through people
  • You feel good with your life

“Your personal brand is your promise to the marketplace and the world” – Tom Peters


Now is the right time to clarify and communicate what makes you special and authentic to the world. Enjoy the simple things of life, be different.

Take control of your personal success, Call us today and let’s show you how.