940 by 300(mobile advertising)

Professional mobile advertising company that curate top ads for businesses and companies that requires brand awareness and increased customer base for increase in revenue.

Mobile advertisement permits you a set-up of direct interaction with your existing and potential customers through mobile phones. This form of promotion and marketing comprises of creation of mobile applications, developing mobile sites and sms campaigns.

Most organizations already have a developed websites with mobile compatibility and with the increase in the number of smartphones, it is now a necessity – for the success of a mobile advert campaign.

As a top player in Nigeria’s mobile advertising field, we endeavour to provide the best possible return on investment for a large variety of brand campaigns across a wide spectrum of media. We deal in all types of mobile adverts. Our mobile advertising agency delivers an integrated and targeted media campaigns that engages your audience and with a reputation for effective budget friendly approach, they respond positively.

We are armed with the best mobile digital ads platforms like Google and Twinepine to deliver an innovative mobile advertisement solution that will engage your audience and help grow your inventory.

These mobile Advertisement solutions are:

  • Mobile search advertising
  • Mobile web advertising
  • In-app advertising
  • Text message campaigns
  • Proximity marketing
  • Direct response short codes


At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we have the intricate knowledge of the fast growing mobile market and we have furnished ourselves with experts that can help your company drive engagement in the most affordable way. This is based on the vast experience acquired over the years by working with big brands and agencies that need to pass their message across to their digital savvy audience by mobile.

Our unique service will avail your company the opportunity to do the following:

  • Create genuine awareness
  • Deliver content fast
  • Reach more audience
  • Reduce cost spent on advertising
  • High response rate


Why not pick up the phone today and lets have a conversation about mobile advertisement, so as to build relationship between your brand and audience in a positively beneficial way to both. The consultation is free. Let’s give you a mobile advertising campaign that will help you accomplish new ways to boost your business.