940 by 300(Multimedia Presentation)


Multimedia presentations is a standard in analysing information in business meetings and discussions, and also educational institutions. It helps to share a message in a controlled manner. A way that will make your audience listen and become engrossed in your presentation through slideshow.

We develop multimedia presentations designs that covers both aspects of the IT-world; this is by integrating digital audio and video, graphics, text and still images. Our team of experts give an aesthetic touch by incorporating latest technology to your work to give your organisation a creative edge.

We are professionals at creating interactive presentations for businesses while you focus on other critical tasks within your business. Also, we develop exciting virtual presentations for exhibitions or conferences.


If your desire a multimedia presentation design that will:

  • Stream your message as web video
  • Give mindblowing exhibitions and seminars
  • Deliver outstanding laptop presentations
  • Upload cd brochures to prospects


Then you should let us handle your work for a unique multimedia presentation. Ours will help your business have an impactful business meetings and superior client communications.

We work in collaboration with your style and budget.


Our unique design services include:

  • Multimedia CDs
  • Digital business cards
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Flash animations
  • Training and corporate presentations
  • E-learning projects
  • Web video
  • Banner adverts and screensavers


At DIGIBUTERFLY, we offer fast and affordable multimedia presentations, effective turn-around time in preparing your work and high level of reliability.

Call us today for a chat, we are ready to provide you with a presentation that will keep your audience glued to your message.