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Professional logo design agency that provides custom logo for businesses and companies with the promise of an unimaginable results at an unimaginable price. 


Logo designing has become an important aspect of all new and growing business – alas, it is still a huge bedrock for top companies also. The credibility and professionalism it builds around a company makes it easy to attract clients that believes in the clear sense of first impressions. 

Unfortunately, we are in a market where every Tom, Dick and Clay is a logo designer and they have succeeded in impacting negatively on companies’ productivity and image. A logo that doesn’t speak or resonates what your business stands for is misleading, unprofessional and unmemorable – this is what you’ll get from a wishy-washy graphic designer and this will do nothing but kill a brand

Do you even know a great logo when you see one? 

People ask us why we have a long list of questions for them when all they need is just a logo. The answer is simple: 

If it is a custom logo design, it must be reflective of your corporate identity

DIGIBUTTERFLY logo designers are professionals that believes in a systematic approach to designing a unique and timeless logo for your company. It is the most important ‘brand building’ tool and it is always taken seriously. Whether it is a ‘text-based’ logo you desire or the one with ‘icon and text’, our obsession for a detailed and elegant design that embodies and represents your brand’s mission, values and goals will be created. 



“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English – but are great in remembering signs” – Karl Lagerfeld 



How we do our job 

After the questionnaire have been filled and submitted, we send the first visuals for your perusal. We do this because your input is important to us and would help to create a visual image of your imagination.  

We then refine the design through our technical software for the next visuals that will be sent to you. We check the colours, density and other parameters so that we can be on the same wavelength. We ensure that you are involved all through until the final submission of your winning logo. 


Why you need us 

Our logo design is 100% unique, 100% original, 100% client participative and 100% money back guarantee. Other benefits our service provides are: 

  • Strong personality creation 
  • Business longevity 
  • Business values reflection 
  • Target market confidence 

We realise that as there are quack logo designers, there are also free logo generators, you don’t have to fall victim to any of these, what you need is: 

  • A logo company with huge creativity 
  • A logo designer that offers timely delivery  
  • A professional logo maker that guarantees quality 
  • A credible logo agency that makes affordable eye-catchy designs  
  • What you need is DIGIBUTTERFLY 

Get your budget-friendly logo packages today, call us on 09378303838393838338 



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