Getting a retainer agreement with us has been a blessing to most of our clients cum partners and has given them the edge over others in the realisation of their long term innovative goals. It’s not a matter of feeling handcuffed like people complain, it is availing your company the opportunity to work with more hands on campaigns that will drive real business goals. There is more to gain by having extra professional hands monitoring your brand and digital presence than not doing it at all. It is a very simple and productive process – set an annual budget, sit back and focus on other aspects of your business.  


We believe that as technological advancement occurs in our products and services, you should be the first to know and enjoy the benefit. As we both know, the world of branding and digital marketing changes every day, if not in terms of software upgrades for better performance, it is in bugs and error fixing for previous versions. 


The retainer agreement is an annual agreement between your company and DIGIBUTTERFLY that allows you to have some specified amount of services at a particular number of times every month. It gives you the opportunity to have constant maintenance and occasional upgrade of your digital and branding needs.  


The services included in our retainer agreement are: 

  • Web design and development – 24hours housekeeping e.g. Security from hackers, upgrade and maintenance. 
  • PPC Management – SEO 
  • Social media – Advertisement, annual marketing campaign etc. 
  • Content creation 
  • Graphic design and print 
  • Web analytics 

. . . and so on. 


Benefits of our retainer agreements  

  • Priority service  
  • Overhead cost reduction  
  • Discounted rates for services 
  • Availability of resources 
  • Result oriented instead of being task driven 
  • Dedicated account/project manager 
  • Training and support 
  • Relationship development  


With our retainer services, you get the opportunity to cohesively plan for your business, easily track your real results and also identify your return on investment. The most important aspect is our dedication to ensuring that you achieve your overall business goals. 

Ours is a flexible retainer agreement, you can go for the annual, biannual, quarterly, or monthly plan. It all depends on what you desire to achieve from it. 


Let’s begin our long term partnership today, call us for discussion on the retainership plan that is ideal for your company and we promise to blow your mind.