Professional brand communication and messaging agency that connects brands with their preferred audience and generate engagement to deliver a cutting edge economic advantage for businesses and companies.


From experience, we realise that some companies don’t believe in their product and services. Some don’t believe in the mission of the company, while some are not living the values of the brand. This is why we start our communication work from inside out. Employees are made to be involved in the strategies and initiatives that are taking place in the company, because if your staff doesn’t understand the brand, communication to the target audience will be mixed up and become unproductive.

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, our job is to help brands communicate through today’s ever expanding media and our idea generation is borne out of our desire to drive measurable results while projecting your brands. We have the digital expertise, creativity and all functioning contacts to put your message online.

Our brand messaging services are:

  • Brand naming and tagline creation
  • Unique value proposition, mission, vision and values definition
  • Brand essence, personality and tone of voice definition
  • Copywriting services


Our unique brand communication and messaging techniques facilitates in:

  • Improving your corporate image for direct communication with your target audience
  • Improving effectiveness by showing what motivates your target audience
  • Improving communication, thereby increasing the desire if your products and services by your audience.

The integration of our digital and social media outreach into our work has helped beef up our communication in company’s day to day activity and support large campaigns.

We have local and international clients that are currently enjoying our cost-effective solution for their communication needs and we also utilize the latest communication technologies to ensure that our client’s public relation goals are delivered.