Every good story, publication or print article needs an extra push for people to pick it up. A professional book cover design is appealing to your audience and always in demand.


Here at DIGIBUTTERFLY, we understand the relevance of a creative book cover design to the entire content of the book and its target market, that is why we work extra hard to create innovative and unique cover designs. With a clear focus on every client’s job, we create designs that are detailed and beautiful from the beginning to completion of your project.


Every single one of our book cover designs are bespoke and conveys the idea of your book in an appealing way to the readers. Also, the tone and style of your book is effectively conveyed with our eye-catching cover.


Our book cover designers have a clear understanding of what you hope to achieve, so they design a concept that is perfectly suited to your book. This design is for any type of printing service and you will be provided with files in high resolution.


Our book cover design process

  • Consultation is done either by mail, in person or over the phone to discuss the book cover elements
  • Image is manipulated and colors adjusted
  • We commission a bespoke illustration
  • Your unique design is sent to you for approval
  • Your book cover design is ready for printing


We have a really coordinated team, highly experienced and ready to provide the highest quality service possible. Let’s give you a book cover design that people will love to see and can be easily recognised – memorable.

Don’t be dismayed, people judge books by their covers.

Call us today and let’s have a chat, the consultation and coffee is free.