Trademarking Nigeria

Trademark registration service in Nigeria for businesses and companies looking to protect their brand integrity, and that of their products & services. 

Our trademarking services:

  • Gives exclusive right of use to your business assets
  • Differentiates you from your competitors
  • Enhance brand stability, trust and financial profit.

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Every business or product is at the risk of being cloned or duplicated without a proper legal protection. Gone are  the days when you can have a performing brand and stay consistent without having your goods and services threatened by competitors, nowadays, they wait for you to have a super brand and infringe on it, thereby leading to your audience being confused as to which is really you. Trademarking is the only way to keep your brand integrity intact.

Registering a trademark significantly reduces the problem of expensive legal challenges and business disruption. However, it is imperative to note that registering a domain or incorporating a company does not give the rights you need over a name. The most reliable way to secure rights to your name and logos is by trademark registration

Our trademark registration Process usually involves:

  • Trademark availability study & Search
  • Approval letter retrieval from trademark office
  • Trademark registration Request
  • Trademark publication monitoring
  • Application of issuance of certificate
  • Certificate delivery to client 

The Complete Trademarking process in Nigeria could take several months.

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What can be trademarked?*

A unique word of phrase connected to your product/service

  • Your business name
  • Unique Logo
  • Unique tagline
  • Unique Product package design
  • unique package word or phrase

(*) Assets listed above can only be trademarked when they meet certain conditions.

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What cannot be trademarked?**

  • A generic term
  • A generic logo
  • Other brand’s trademarked term, logo, or design

(**) They are few exceptions for the trademarking of the above assets.


Our other trademarking services in Nigeria include:

Trademark transfer: This is the process of officially transferring your trademark ownership rights to another person or business you wish. This done by our attorneys in a swift and professional manner without any hindrance.

Trademark watch:  This allows you to detect a trademark request that is about to be publicized and may infringe on your trademark. We monitor, supervise and notify you instantly before allowing our attorneys get to work.

Trademark renewals:  Trademark registration is renewed every 7 years in Nigeria and it is counted from the day of application. Our attorneys are experts and are always ready to do the renewal without delay.

DIGIBUTTERFLY boasts of in-house legal team of experts in registration of trademarks that understands how valuable your business is.

To speak to one of our trademark attorneys, learn more about our trademarking services and how we can help you protect your business, call us +2348061210261 today.

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