Professional product branding agency that creates and design powerful products by using simple and direct digital integration for businesses and companies, to achieve a unique brand identity and drive sales.

Today, anything can be branded. Companies believe that once their product is branded, it will live, last and also convert to income. Well, wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy?

Consumers face a dilemma every day when shopping. Why? Excessive choice. There are brands competing for the consumer’s money in almost every category. It is not a problem of quality anymore, manufacturer are now looking for new ways to stand out and attract customers beyond what they have in the box. This has made it highly important for companies to make a compelling statement about their brand and become a product of choice.

Branding of products requires deep expertise in core areas of brand identity and strategy. It is more than words, shapes, colours and application. It is about bringing all the fundamentals in a place, understanding the company’s framework and clarifying key objectives of the brand.

Our product branding strategy looks to harness all available avenues to promote your company. We use all types of media and also promotional items

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we maintain brand consistency through messaging and brand design. This because we believe that consistency is the key to making your brand become a household name.

Product branding has gone beyond what is on the shelf, it is now about getting a unique way of penetrating the heart and minds of consumers.

Our product brand design entails giving a unique name and communication style that makes the product stand out in the market. Ofcourse a successful product brand must be authentic and appeal to the target audience.

Your brand identity is the icon of your company and product. It is the badge that represents the brand and the relationship with the consumer.” – The Russo Group

We understand the uniqueness of every product so we craft a thoughtful and custom approach to every single project. Our methodology is simple, direct and productive. We have proven results.

  • We discover – we analyse market trends and competition before immersing ourselves in the brand.

  • We plan – we formulate a comprehensive strategy on how to set benchmarks and attack the project.

  • We design – we pour in our organic creativity by bearing in mind the emotional attachment and response the brand should resonate.

We brand products through integrated strategies with a team of professionals that understands your market needs and branding activities to maximize reach and sales

So if you are ready to:

  • Increase the sales of your existing product.

  • Standout from copycat products that are killing your market share.

  • Launch a new product that will instantly be visible.

  • Catch the eye of major stores

Then let our product branding agency guide you. It is more fun and effective when we work together on your brand. Let us help you make your audience see you as family rather than a marketer, that way they will always come to you.

Let us brand your products so that you can get the desired successful return on your investment. Call us today!

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