Most companies don’t know this because most sales lead come in via telephone or through colleagues, but the web is actually responsible for generating a huge proportion of new business in one form or the other.  They actually feel majority of the funds going into web advertisement is being wasted simply because they don’t know what works and what isn’t.

It is absolutely imperative to have a detailed statistics to monitor websites, SEO campaigns and PPC campaigns, Email marketing campaigns, Social media campaigns and so on. This will help to help measure where sales enquiries stem from. This brought about the emergence of Web Analytics.

Web analytics help to determine the effectiveness of marketing efforts, put together the data needed t fine-tune your site and maximize return on investment.  We assist companies to implement analytics solutions and mechanisms for monitoring sales. These data help them to make informed decision about their next campaigns online or offline.

Why web analytics is important for your business

  • Checking of conversion path
  • Targeting your audience properly
  • Seeing meaningful data at a glance
  • Measuring performance
  • Optimisation of content and SEO/PPC
  • Maximizing return on investment


At DIGIBUTTERFLY, our web analytics strategy has a continuous improvement program (CIP) that accounts for the changing nature of the internet so as to help you maintain your position ahead of competition. Our analytics experts does this by:

  • Using key performance indicators to gauge success and consistently chart the website’s long term performance.
  • Consistently carry out tests to check changes to the website and use the data to continuously improve it.


The fundamental part of web analytics goals is continuous improvement. Once established, all of the changes made to your website will be based on principles that will definitely guarantee expected gains.

Our web analytics framework will give you an insight of how we operate and intend to carry out the measurement of all key indices to achieve result that will help improve your website and marketing campaigns.

Web analytics framework:

  • Determination of Needs

A number of activities is offered to visitors of your website that will match up with their goals and contribute to the business. It is a multi-step process in which your audience can fulfil their intention.


  • Identification of goals

Key activities that will improve the business website is being identified and objectives quantified.


  • Definition of metrics

Since it is possible to measure and analyse an array of website data, it is imperative to know what to measure to help improve the business. Like having to check what processes impact revenue and cost. Once they are known, they can be manipulated to achieve high profits.


  • Data collection

Web server log data and Page tagging are the two types of website analytics for data collection.


  • Data recording

The data recorded are imported into the Key Performance Indicators worksheet s that everyone will be informed and can monitor website changes effect.


  • Test improvement strategies

Activities that can be measured for improvement are:

  • Lead generation forms
  • Search functions
  • Downloads
  • Navigation leading to information


  • Implementation of improvements

Program of A/B testing is initiated. It is one of the most commonly used tool for measuring effectiveness of a campaign or website change.


  • Result measurement

Demand for market accountability. Result is being tested to measure the ROI against the previous result


  • Start all over again

Continuously monitoring conversions and adjusting of goals and metrics will help keep you ahead of competition.


Why you need us

  • We have the best and robust web analytics implementation that will help you define KPIs and translate to trackable metrics
  • We help implement and manage tag management systems which makes tags go live quickly, thereby driving sales fast.
  • We provide free expert training for all our clients for basic in-house web analysis.

Call us today and let’s analyse your website campaigns for you to stay informed.