Professional SEO training company that teaches businesses and companies that needs the knowledge of SEO to improve their market positioning.

Search engine optimization is now very tricky and this is because of the continuous innovations between other rival search engines, plus the increase in activity from your competitors. This means that you have to know the right strategy for your company to have a good ranking.

Our SEO training course will provide you the knowledge to build an organic search marketing strategy that will attract the right kind of audience to your website, increase online conversions and stand out among competition online.

We teach the best methodologies and strategic skills of SEO in content creation, link equity, website structure, and how to manage brand online to increase its market share. You will instantly become and expert at quick win search opportunities and tracking results.

Other things you will learn are:

  • Competitor analysis
  • How to generate technical SEO via URL, page titles and image ALT tags.
  • Create onsite SEO by using information architecture.
  • Blogging and sharing content to improve rankings.
  • Creation of SEO checklists


Our SEO training course is for anybody who wants to improve and enhance website visibility in search listings to take competitive advantage of every opportunity for commercial success.

After completion of our SEO training, you will be able to:

  • Know the importance of usability and design for maximising website performance
  • Increase your knowledge of reporting and strategies for using new innovations to boost search engine optimisation
  • Know the key components of a winning natural search strategy and new SEO innovations


If you want to know or learn more about search engine optimisation, its benefits and application for successful growth of business, then DIGIBUTTERFLY SEO training is what you need. We have trainers that are experts in SEO, Analytics and PPC campaigns.

Join us today and let’s show you how you can put your company on the first page of major search engines.