Bride and Groom Photography, a specialist wedding photography & videography brand in Nigeria, Commissioned DIGIBUTTERFLY to design a simple portfolio business website and offer digital marketing solutions to help position the brand in the highly competitive wedding photography market.



Our specialist web strategy session with the client’s team and a further research into the industry provided us with the knowledge of key challenges and opportunities in the industry. We knew we needed to build a user-friendly web interface, fast-loading, responsive, and conversion optimized website that would attract and retain customers. We did just that!

A digital Strategy that guarantees the highest sustaining ROI for the start-up was developed and implemented. Utilizing Social Media and SEO opportunities, the Bride and Groom Photography and the wide Bridal networks available, we were able to provide a custom digital solution for the brand.



Feedback has been positive, as Bride and Groom Photography established its reputation within the market. Since the brand’s launch in 2013, it has grown to average over 1200 natural targeted traffic, 1500 natural impressions in a month,  and converts multiple online leads . Below is what the CEO of Bride and Groom Photography had to say:

We have several new bookings from our website interactions and social media platform. Many thanks to DIGIBUTTERFLY. I highly recommend them for business growth. – Mr Shola Ola.



What We Did

Website Design, Content Writing, SEO Marketing, Local SEO, Google+ Verification, Influencer marketing, PR, Website Management, Content Marketing, Social Media Strategy.