Events-Pro Photography (EP) is an event photography agency in Nigeria. We were required to redesign the website to showcase their images and services more professionally. Also required was a Digital Marketing Strategy to help position and market the brand.



With a new Digital Landscape Emerging, Events-Pro Photography’s website was redesigned to be experienced across multiple devices to cater for the rapidly growing audience who now browse websites from mobile devices. Images fill the screen and are cropped and presented differently when you tilt your iPad or iPhone, to ensure a perfect user experience.

Websites content was written to communicate more effectively to quickly state the brand’s value proposition to website visitors. Portfolio were presented in window screens to display the images which have varying sizes in their best possible size so as not lose image quality.

The Digital Strategy developed includes, but not limited to,  the use of Search engine optimization (SEO) and experiential marketing through event marketing. We facilitated partnerships and worked alongside EP to live cover top influential events in Nigeria with a unique offering in order to activate the brand within its market.

Our experiential marketing involves live posting event pictures at these events. Live Event Pictures are made available through a link on the EP’s website using the Live Event Access Card and sometimes screen display. Attendees and the general audience not at the event can now easily follow a particular event on their mobile, tablet or pc.

Furthermore, EP’s live event link is shared on social media, blogs, and other digital marketing channels to create additional awareness and virility for the event and hence, its official photographer.



With mobile traffic to all websites growing rapidly, the redesign of the Events-Pro Photography website captured the moment, immediately receiving positive feedback in the late 2012. The brand was positioned as the foremost photography brand in Nigeria using SEO. With our partnership, Events-Pro Photography experiential marketing solution has generated a lot of buzz, website traffic, and leads for the business. The uniqueness of this solution has provided a  lot of memorability and word-of-mouth for the brand.

DIGIBUTTERFLY’s innovative ideas has gotten us more business than we’ve had in two years. – EP’s CEO


What We Did

Website Redesign, Content Writing, Brand Activation, Experiential Marketing, SEO, Google+ Verification, Website Maintenance, Social Media Branding.