MEGAS MAG is an online magazine targeted at the  Nigerian youth. DIGIBUTTERFLY was required to design an inspirational brand identity, responsive website and provide digital marketing solutions to help the brand reach its intended audience.



For the visual Identity, we decided to use elements that showcase excellence. The idea is to inspire the youth that they too, can become great.

Website design was made with specialized publishing tools like web-to-social media syndication with branded links, segmented email subscription and multi-comment system. The design was also made to be responsive to take advantage of the growing mobile web traffic.

Our digital marketing offering for the brand includes Social Media Strategy consultation with the team on the use of social media. Furthermore, we engaged with in-depth SEO consultation targeted towards training on online best SEO practices and tools for publishing.



The brand kicked off to create a lot of buzz and instantly connected with youths, growing to over 7,000 twitter followers within a few months. The brand went on to get nominated for the 2014 Social Media Awards Africa for their work on Social Media.  A 484% increase in their website traffic upon our SEO consultation service was also reached.


What We Did

Website Design, SEO Consultation, Social Media Strategy, Website Hosting, Website Maintenance, Logo Design, Brand Identity, Social Media Branding, Google+ Verification, Link Branding.