Libra Reliance is a start-up investment company in Nigeria with subsidiaries in automobile, finance, and Real Estate. We were commissioned to develop and implement a brand strategy for the company and its subsidiaries,  as well as work on its digital presence.



First, we worked on the Brand Architecture. As it is a start-up brand, we decided to leverage the investment in a corporate brand by extending elements from the parent brand into the sub-brands. The brand’s nomenclature was developed around this: (Libra Reliance: Automobile, Finance, Properties…) The identity system was developed after our brand audit session and also extended to the sub-brands.

The identity system developed is to showcase the financially stable and professional brand as it continues to grow. Brand Definition and messaging strategy was also around this goal. We collaborated with the key stakeholders within the company and then developed a relevant tagline for the brand, clear value proposition and tone of voice. We also defined it sub-brand’s values, its vision, mission, and communication tone of voice.

Our digital marketing solution involved developing a website, social media strategy, and SEO marketing for the brand. The website architecture was made to mimic the brand’s architecture while offering peculiar information and functionalities for each brand.



Libra Reliance and its subsidiaries’ reputation continues to grow. It has also grown to attract multiple investors in the brand over the years. We have been able to establish a large social media presence and customer base for the brand and strategically position its sub-brands within the market using SEO.


What We Did

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Design, Stationery Design, Brand Nomenclature, Social Media Marketing, SEO marketing, Signage, Website Design, Content Development,  Website Maintenance, Website Hosting, Logo Design, Brand Communication & Messaging, Brand Definition.