Grant Quartermaine (GQ) is a furniture manufacturing and retailing company in Victoria Island, Nigeria. They required concise messaging for the brand to in order to effectively communicate within the market and to stakeholders. Also required was a website consistent with their already created brand identity that will creatively display their products and services.



We conducted a brand audit and identified the client’s customer profiles as well as the brand’s communication channels. We collaborated with the key stakeholders within the company and then developed a relevant tagline, clear value proposition and tone of voice. We also defined brand’s values, its vision, mission, and communication tone of voice.

A responsive and functional website that seamlessly incorporates the company’s brand identity was created. The developed brand elements were also applied strategically on the website.



Client has been able to position and differentiate itself better within the industry since our Branding and Website Design activity. We have also gotten positive feedback from client has to their customers ease of use of the website and aesthetics.


What We Did

Brand Audit, Brand Communication and Messaging, Tagline Creation, Tone of voice definition, Unique Value Proposition, Mission, vision and values definition, Website design, Content Writing.