RAW is a natural lifestyle company in Abuja. Its aim is to promote healthy living for all through natural health and beauty products. RAW has three divisions offering three unique offerings; beauty products, Juicery, and food.

DIGIBUTTERFLY was required to brand the company and its divisions to reflect its eco-friendliness and natural appeal.



We crafted a unifying brand identity that reflects the brand’s essence and resonates with the intended clientele. As a start-up, the brand’s nomenclature was developed to leverage on the parent brand RAW (RAW: Juicery, Foodie, Beauty).



The company’s clients have taken to the new brand look and feel. It has helped effectively communicate the brand’s essence and has positively affected product sales.


What We Did

Visual Identity Design, Brand Nomenclature, Stationery Design, Brand Strategy, Social Media Branding, Website Coming soon Page Design, Website Maintenance, Website Hosting, Logo Design