Social Media Marketing in Nigeria Social Media Marketing seems to be the latest boiler among online Marketing Strategies in Nigeria, but is Social Media Marketing (SMM) all it is made up to be?

Social Media Marketing companies and  Marketers are currently popping up everywhere lately. They are informing everyone that will give them an audience on how extremely vital social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are their business, plus a reason for them to handle their Social Media Marketing. But, small and medium-sized  enterprises, does marketing to social networks really live up to the huge publicity?  Is investing a small fortune on hiring a SMM company or a Social Media Marketer really worth it? What is real and what is not?

In this very article we have described Social Media Marketing, its importance, Social Media Marketing in Nigeria and tips to find the right Social Media Marketer or Social Media Marketing Firm for your tailored brand needs

First let us re-introduce you to Social Media Marketing

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we believe Social Media Marketing means building relationships on social network and leveraging them to meet marketing objectives. This audience is interested in what you have to offer them and want to keep in touch with your activity.

Why Social Media Marketing is Important…

Social Media Marketing in Nigeria SMM is now too important. With over 90% of internet users using Social Media, SMM is a must have internet marketing strategy. On the right is how it has benefited us over the last few months. This was achieved by stating the objectives we needed to achieve, working on a strategy, and implementing it with our SMM tools and expertise. It’s not rocket science. You too can achieve a similar result.

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What is being offered in Nigeria as Social media Marketing…

From our study, what most SMM companies and Social Media Marketers offer for SMM is Social Media Advertisements (SMA). SMA is usually a campaign  directed towards  short-term goals like sales or brand buzz. A simple example is a Social Media Marketer collecting an amount of money to make X number of  posts on Twitter or Facebook over a period of time. This never guarantees conversion (leads or sales). Most times, they are ineffective and just a waste of money.

Has this happened to you already? Wonder why? Their social media audience is not your audience! Only a small percentage will be interested in what you have to offer aside the short buzz generated. Most Social Media Marketers/SMM Companies have their audiences built on social network around a specific niche. An easy example is, you as a Real Estate agent working with a social media marketer that has an audience built around Entertainment or Gossip. This is most likely not going to get you your desired results. In fact, getting calls regarding their service or products is highly unlikely.

What should be offered…

Clients should be given a choice Between SMM and SMA. A large amount of clients are in fact interested in possessing their own audience on Social network they can converse with, grow a lasting relationship with, update on offers and ultimately make loyal customers and fans out of. The crucial aspect is meticulously defining what you aim to accomplish from Social Media Marketing. It may well be as straight-forward as having extra sales for your business or establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with your clients.

what you should look out for…

So, what’€™s suitable for your company/business? It certainly comes down to what you aim to achieve on social media in the first place. The most effective means to determine this is to examine the goals you use to define social media success. Are short-term buzz generated, or improved sales the ideal measures of success? If so, your efforts may be more SMA related. Just make sure you Look for Social Media Marketers or SMM Companies that have an audience related to your niche when going for this to have the maximum result.

If your measure of success is an improved online influence, increased communication with clients, and a long term relationship with your own audience, then your efforts are SMM related. Look for Social Media Marketers that have strategies and plans to enable this or request a tailored plan from those not having. Always remember, your audience on social network become your customers shortly.

Let us know what you think! What is your view on Social Media Marketing in Nigeria? How was your experience with a Social Media Marketer or Social Media Marketing Company in Nigeria?

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NOTE: This post was first written in 2013. However valuable you find it, it may not accurately describe the current state of social media marketing in Nigeria. Subsequent follow-up posts may be written in this regard.