Social Media Marketing Strategy Lagos Nigeria

A social media marketing strategy is a detailed document that shows how brands meet their social media objectives in the most effective and efficient way available.

It is a tool used to prioritize and optimize social media activities in order to gain a prominent presence. Hence, it is vital in the success of a brand’s social media endeavor.

For a business to be successful, it must have a well-defined strategy that helps guide its daily operation in order to meet specific goals. A business with a mapped out strategy is likely to do a lot better than one without any strategic plan whatsoever.

This concept is also applicable when managing brands on social media.  A well-developed and implemented social media marketing strategy makes a powerful social media marketing presence.

In Nigeria, most businesses, with the exception of a few top brands delve into social media marketing without having a suitable social media business plan to help guide their social media activity.

A social media marketing strategy helps a business identify and address certain issues. They include:

Defining the Target Audience

Most businesses often skip this stage and charge straight to the objectives. But what is a strategy if you don’t know who it’s intended for? A strategy helps identify the group of people most likely to engage with and patronize your business.

Identifying Objectives

A well-developed strategy helps bring clarity to your social media goals and objectives. What do we hope to achieve by being on social media? A  strategy plan defines this and also helps a brand reach its marketing target.  Set out objectives may include: 

  • Increasing lead generation by 12%
  • Increasing revenue by 10% 

Creating an action Plan

A social media marketing strategy enlightens you on the appropriate channels for your brand and what actions or behaviors you should most likely promote on each channel in order to increase engagement from your defined audience group.  It answers the question what to do? – ‘What to do on each channel.’ 

Choosing the right tracking tool

A well-defined strategy helps you identify the most suitable tracking tools to use to measure and monitor the progress and effectiveness of your media presence.

As earlier stated, developing a social media marketing strategy is of utmost importance. Some of the reasons being:

  •  It helps you maintain brand purpose/vision.
  • A strategy helps you select the best social media tools and channels.
  • It gives insight into the best type of content and tactics to utilize in engaging your audience.
  • Finally, a clearly defined plan helps efficiently manage marketing resources.

As social media is diverse and ever changing, so is a social media marketing strategy. A social marketing plan is not a static but dynamic document that should be revisited and modified from time to time.

This is to meet the changing social media world and your business objectives. 

Simply put, a social media marketing strategy is a vital aspect for doing business in this new digital marketing age. It helps your brand reach its required marketing goals and optimize resources to the fullest.

If you still do not have a strategy, we highly recommend you get a social media marketing company to assist you develop one for your business.

Have a social media marketing strategy for your business? 

Think one is required for a brand seeking a successful social media presence? 



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Branding builds relationships

Whether you know it or not, you have a brand.

Every interaction you’ve had with your customers, every pitch you’ve given to a prospect and every one of the 140 characters you’€™ve sent out on Twitter have worked to develop your brand.

These interactions, although seemingly small and unrelated, collectively form the basis of your relationship with your audience; and all relationships are facilitated, maintained and articulated by €”none other than €”your brand.

Meaning, your brand is already alive. And if you aren’t being intentional about it, it can quickly grow to be a disorderly in the marketplace. That’€™s what can make branding such a hard concept to understand and why most entrepreneurs think of it as a dirty and shady word.

What Is Branding? A Working Definition of Brand.

The best place to start is to understand what a brand isn’t.

Your brand isn’€™t your logo. Your brand isn’€™t your visual identity system or your retina-ready website. It isn’t your color scheme or even your wonderful product. And most importantly, your brand isn’€™t what you say it is. Your brand is what people say it is. In other words, your brand is a gut feeling that’€™s rooted deep within people. It’€™s a feeling because people are emotional and instinctive beings.

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Branding is indeed an intricate and involved idea, but as an entrepreneur, there is nothing more integral to the success of your startup than your brand. The first step is to understand why brand matters.


Why Branding Matters

Relationships are the most beneficial advantage an entrepreneur can own and branding is the conduit to building those relationships. Establishing authentic relationships with your audience matters because void of relationship, you merely have a neat gizmo, idea or gadget not a business.

Your brand facilitates your relationships which, in turn, facilitate your business. Brand = Relationship (Trust) = Value. Brand matters, it’€™s as simple as that.

Branding helps people understand what you’€™re doing and why they should care. It helps people understand who you are and why you matter. Without branding, you’€™re building and iterating without factoring in how people will experience and understand you in the real world.

Branding is highly complex, intensely layered, wall-to-wall hard work, and your brand is the single most valuable asset you can cultivate in your business. It is the economic value that drives your business.


Does branding matter to you? How are you cultivating your brand? What can you do today to become more intentional about your brand in a new way?

Dive in and dive deep. Explore. Understand why branding matters to you and your entrepreneurial adventure. Ask questions and begin to see your brand with new eyes.

how poor graphic design kills your brand

A brand is one of the most amazing phenomenons in business. A great brand is a living, breathing specimen that must be cared for. Even in businesses that aren’t brand-heavy, such as non-chain restaurants; graphic design can play an important role in brand perception. A great graphic designer will be fully aligned with your businesses future, as well as your target demographics€™ needs.

However, what many businesses don’€™t understand is how fragile a brand can be. Poorly planned graphic design, whether it is a website, promotional material, or marketing collateral can tarnish a brand image.

Not Designing Around a Target Market

Failing to create a design that hits home with your target market is ineffective for your company, but also potentially detrimental for brand image. A brand survives on consistency. If your designer doesn’t understand what your brand needs to be saying, your final product will confuse people.

Conveying the Wrong Emotion

One of the most common beginner mistakes with design is failing to account for the emotional aspects of your pieces. Here is a brief color guide for typical emotions regarding each color

Red– Exhilaration, vigor, enthusiasm, love, intensity and passion.
Blue– Calm, serenity, faith, truth, confidence, and conservatism.
Green– Scenery, eco-friendly, good luck charm, youthful spirit and potentially envious.
Yellow– Hope, sunshine, optimism, hazard and friendship.
Black– Power, sophistication, mystery, death, fear, and elegance.
Orange– Loud and demanding attention.
Gray– Security and modesty.

Color isn’t the only thing that conveys emotion. Symbols and fonts also will say a lot about your graphic design. Keep your color, symbols and fonts consistent with what your business offers.

Trying to do Too Much

Every great graphic designer knows, €œless is more.€ Now this may not be true for your business if it is edgy and loud, however you still should beware of doing too much graphic design. Too much of anything can cannibalize a brand. If you own a website and you have too many moving parts, it will be ineffective from a user experience standpoint.

Another common mishap is trying to do too much with graphic design fonts. If you are using more than 3 different fonts in your piece, it limits the chances of your design being labeled good. In general, a humble graphic designer should be able to select appropriate fonts and symbols, and even more importantly decide when they shouldn’€™t use something. Your business should convey humble confidence in every design.

So whether your business is a highly branded t-shirt company or a local diner, be sure to meticulously plan out your branding and design strategy. Having your branding and design expert working together will ensure that your corporate/business image aligns with your value proposition.

Is your design looking out of place and conveying the wrong message for your brand? What are your reasons for being in this situation? Voice your opinions below

Social Media Marketing in Nigeria Social Media Marketing seems to be the latest boiler among online Marketing Strategies in Nigeria, but is Social Media Marketing (SMM) all it is made up to be?

Social Media Marketing companies and  Marketers are currently popping up everywhere lately. They are informing everyone that will give them an audience on how extremely vital social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are their business, plus a reason for them to handle their Social Media Marketing. But, small and medium-sized  enterprises, does marketing to social networks really live up to the huge publicity?  Is investing a small fortune on hiring a SMM company or a Social Media Marketer really worth it? What is real and what is not?

In this very article we have described Social Media Marketing, its importance, Social Media Marketing in Nigeria and tips to find the right Social Media Marketer or Social Media Marketing Firm for your tailored brand needs

First let us re-introduce you to Social Media Marketing

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we believe Social Media Marketing means building relationships on social network and leveraging them to meet marketing objectives. This audience is interested in what you have to offer them and want to keep in touch with your activity.

Why Social Media Marketing is Important…

Social Media Marketing in Nigeria SMM is now too important. With over 90% of internet users using Social Media, SMM is a must have internet marketing strategy. On the right is how it has benefited us over the last few months. This was achieved by stating the objectives we needed to achieve, working on a strategy, and implementing it with our SMM tools and expertise. It’s not rocket science. You too can achieve a similar result.

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What is being offered in Nigeria as Social media Marketing…

From our study, what most SMM companies and Social Media Marketers offer for SMM is Social Media Advertisements (SMA). SMA is usually a campaign  directed towards  short-term goals like sales or brand buzz. A simple example is a Social Media Marketer collecting an amount of money to make X number of  posts on Twitter or Facebook over a period of time. This never guarantees conversion (leads or sales). Most times, they are ineffective and just a waste of money.

Has this happened to you already? Wonder why? Their social media audience is not your audience! Only a small percentage will be interested in what you have to offer aside the short buzz generated. Most Social Media Marketers/SMM Companies have their audiences built on social network around a specific niche. An easy example is, you as a Real Estate agent working with a social media marketer that has an audience built around Entertainment or Gossip. This is most likely not going to get you your desired results. In fact, getting calls regarding their service or products is highly unlikely.

What should be offered…

Clients should be given a choice Between SMM and SMA. A large amount of clients are in fact interested in possessing their own audience on Social network they can converse with, grow a lasting relationship with, update on offers and ultimately make loyal customers and fans out of. The crucial aspect is meticulously defining what you aim to accomplish from Social Media Marketing. It may well be as straight-forward as having extra sales for your business or establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with your clients.

what you should look out for…

So, what’€™s suitable for your company/business? It certainly comes down to what you aim to achieve on social media in the first place. The most effective means to determine this is to examine the goals you use to define social media success. Are short-term buzz generated, or improved sales the ideal measures of success? If so, your efforts may be more SMA related. Just make sure you Look for Social Media Marketers or SMM Companies that have an audience related to your niche when going for this to have the maximum result.

If your measure of success is an improved online influence, increased communication with clients, and a long term relationship with your own audience, then your efforts are SMM related. Look for Social Media Marketers that have strategies and plans to enable this or request a tailored plan from those not having. Always remember, your audience on social network become your customers shortly.

Let us know what you think! What is your view on Social Media Marketing in Nigeria? How was your experience with a Social Media Marketer or Social Media Marketing Company in Nigeria?

We value your opinion. Drop your comments below.


NOTE: This post was first written in 2013. However valuable you find it, it may not accurately describe the current state of social media marketing in Nigeria. Subsequent follow-up posts may be written in this regard.


Luxury branding

So many people want to ‘brand’ their businesses €“to be known in a sea of competitors as the best. And while this is certainly possible, it takes deep pockets and lots of time ” something most small businesses don’€™t have.

And so they say that branding is a luxury.

There are many other things that will bring in sales more quickly than branding. They define branding as anything done to make a company stand out in a sea of non-differentiated brands, and that includes everything from your logo to sponsoring events locally and nationally. There’s not a direct correlation between branding and sales.

The actions you should be taking before you get to branding include:

•   Making sure your product fits the market you intend it for
•  Sales efforts directed at your target audience
•   Promotions that reflect what your customers want
•   Advertising in targeted publications
•   Public relations: getting coverage in local and national media, as well as blogs
•   Social media, supporting the above efforts

They claim many small businesses tend to try to mimic the branding efforts of large corporations, and it’€™s simply not possible. There are different blueprints for each. Small businesses should focus on intimately knowing their target audience and communicating with them in a meaningful way. They should draw customers in with sales and promotions, then work to build loyal customers through trust and communication.

Branding is the icing on the cake; it’€™s what comes after you’ve successfully mastered the product and sales formula, and want to move forward to further establish recognition of your brand’€™s name. So if you’re a small business, work on reaching more of your target audience through the channels above. Then laser in on them and build trust. Branding can wait.


Their argument reinforces the fact that there is a lot of confusion in regards to what €œbranding€ really is. Branding is not €œmaking sure that all colors match€. Some of their recommendations are in fact €œbranding€: making sure your product fits the market you intend it for, knowing your target audience and communicating with them in a meaningful way.

Branding is choosing your niche market, choose a brand positioning that will differentiate yourself from competition and communicate that differentiation. Advertising, promotion and PR without the right strategy and message is a waste of money.

At DIGIBUTTERFLY, we do agree about small business not trying to mimic larger companies. That said we believe small businesses should have a brand identity which a logo is only a part. The reason for this is your brand identity comes from your positioning which is essential for any business as it is the basis for your communication. Our Chrysalis Business Starter package is channeled to this need.