TAGLINES: The Lines We Remember

Imagine Transformation…..Two words that defines the reason we exist.
Two words that says a lot by explaining the grand scheme of transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly….just two words.
Thus is the power that a perfect tagline wields for a brand that would rather get its audience attention from afar.

But the purpose of this article isn’t to brag about our unique tagline, it is actually to highlight why it is important for you to have a tagline that takes out the guesswork and makes your company’s message very explicit.

So what is a tagline?

If you call it a brand’s first impression to consumers, you have an idea.
If you say it’s a brand’s identity, you are smart.
Here we say, it’s a set of words about your brand’s key values that make up a memorable phrase. It says something about your company and gives your target audience something positive to think about.

‘‘A great tagline tells the world what you stand for – Corey Blake”

It can be informative, emotional, competitive or personal. This is why consumer research is done to ascertain their opinion about a brand before choosing a tagline.
You will agree with me that a tagline like Nike’s ”Just do it” doesn’t really explain much but it is generally accepted based on consumers’ reinforced opinion and ultimately becoming number one tagline of all time according to Forbes.
However a new brand should always avoid imperatives and commands, it might have worked for Nike, but you aren’t Nike. You are better off telling them the solution you provide or the benefit they get by patronizing the business.

So in case you are wondering if your business needs a tagline, here are few reasons why we think it is important to have one:
– Brand Differentiation: Effective use of tagline can help you stand out from competitors in the marketplace. Zenith Bank’s ”in your best interest” and First Bank’s ‘’truly the first” is a perfect example. Same business different message.

– Brand recognition: Taglines are important for small and new companies for easy recognition among competitors.

– Brand representation – The most important benefit of a tagline is to convey the mission and vision of the business to the customers. It should highlight the problem the brand intends to solve.

– Value building – Good taglines have the potential of building value over time it can easily become a memorable part of the brand’s identity and customers might even remember the tagline before the company name.
”Love. It’s what makes a Subaru.” I find that infinitely more memorable than just the name ”Subaru”. – Brandon Stapper
– Brand voice – Taglines help to talk about the information the rest of your marketing fail to cover, it conveys the message by gibing the brand a different voice from another dimension.

To understand more about taglines and the different forms it can be, we have listed four out of the best taglines of all time below;
1. NOKIA – Connecting People
2. YELLOW PAGES – Let your fingers do the walking
3. APPLE – Think Different
4. GENERAL ELECTRIC GE – Imagination at Work

There you have it. We believe a brand deserves a good and futuristic tagline, which will not only talk about where you are or what you do today but still be relevant in 10years’ time.
Your tagline should be able to tell them and also sell to them, it’s just the least you should expect.

Check your brand today, do you have a good tagline??
Is it consistent with your unique value proposition??
Do you need help getting a new one?

Contact us on 08061210261 or mail DIGIBUTTERFLY let’s brainstorm and get you a catchy tagline today!

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