Designing a Cover for Your Book

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yeah right!
Let’s be factual, when we go into a book store, our eyes are attracted to the books that have fancy and exquisite cover designs, I mean, it’s literally art on a bookshelf.
Books with awesome graphics, stylish fonts and quality covers sell more copies because no matter how good your story is, it will still require an extra push for people to pick it up.
A catchy and professional book cover design is appealing to your audience and always in demand.
Looking to design a book cover? Here are a couple steps that could ease the process:

Choose a name: There are a lot of important things to consider when designing a book and one factor at the forefront is deciding what to name your story. A book title breathes life into the book, without one your book can’t exist. A book title helps you know what themes to reinforce while designing your book.
Your title also helps in reinforcing your marketing endeavors. It helps inform what genre your book will fall into and when you’re privy to such info, you’ll know what color schemes to play with – horror tales usually have darker and grimier covers and love novels have lighter color tones.

Decide cover dimensions: For Ebooks, this is no issue as there is usually a predetermined size. However, printed books are more complex. When designing, you should take into account the standard dimensions of the genre your book falls into. Other important factors to consider are the number of pages, paper density and thickness of the book spine to mention a few.
Basically if you intend to sell printed books, your best bet is to hand it to professional book cover designers as there are too many factors for an amateur to scale through and come up with something valid.

Get the font right: Book cover lettering is something most amateur designers get wrong. They are either clogging the cover with unnecessary amount of texts or using fonts with excess baggage.
When designing covers, keep it simple!
“Just keep it simple. When you over-think what you’re wearing, that’s when wardrobe malfunctions tend to happen.”- Guy Berryman.
In the same vein, when the cover is too busy, it will hurt the overall concept more than help it. Less is almost always more in the world of graphic design because it’s about allowing consumers make a connection with the book.

Hire a professional: If you want something done do it yourself, if you want it done properly, get professionals. Designing a book jacket is more than Photoshop skills. It requires an understanding of the idea the book aims to convey, its tone and style. It’s the proper balance of texts and pictures, effectively and professionally placed in order to best sell your book.

Here at DIGIBUTTERFLY, we understand the relevance of a creative book cover design to the entire content and its target market, that is why we work extra hard to create bespoke and avant-garde designs.

With a clear focus of every client’s job, we create detailed and beautiful designs from inception to completion of project. Call us today on 08061210261 or mail DIGIBUTTERFLY for a consultation on your book cover design project.
It’s a hoax that people don’t judge books by their covers.

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