Social Media Marketing Strategy Lagos Nigeria

A social media marketing strategy is a detailed document that shows how brands meet their social media objectives in the most effective and efficient way available.

It is a tool used to prioritize and optimize social media activities in order to gain a prominent presence. Hence, it is vital in the success of a brand’s social media endeavor.

For a business to be successful, it must have a well-defined strategy that helps guide its daily operation in order to meet specific goals. A business with a mapped out strategy is likely to do a lot better than one without any strategic plan whatsoever.

This concept is also applicable when managing brands on social media.  A well-developed and implemented social media marketing strategy makes a powerful social media marketing presence.

In Nigeria, most businesses, with the exception of a few top brands delve into social media marketing without having a suitable social media business plan to help guide their social media activity.

A social media marketing strategy helps a business identify and address certain issues. They include:

Defining the Target Audience

Most businesses often skip this stage and charge straight to the objectives. But what is a strategy if you don’t know who it’s intended for? A strategy helps identify the group of people most likely to engage with and patronize your business.

Identifying Objectives

A well-developed strategy helps bring clarity to your social media goals and objectives. What do we hope to achieve by being on social media? A  strategy plan defines this and also helps a brand reach its marketing target.  Set out objectives may include: 

  • Increasing lead generation by 12%
  • Increasing revenue by 10% 

Creating an action Plan

A social media marketing strategy enlightens you on the appropriate channels for your brand and what actions or behaviors you should most likely promote on each channel in order to increase engagement from your defined audience group.  It answers the question what to do? – ‘What to do on each channel.’ 

Choosing the right tracking tool

A well-defined strategy helps you identify the most suitable tracking tools to use to measure and monitor the progress and effectiveness of your media presence.

As earlier stated, developing a social media marketing strategy is of utmost importance. Some of the reasons being:

  •  It helps you maintain brand purpose/vision.
  • A strategy helps you select the best social media tools and channels.
  • It gives insight into the best type of content and tactics to utilize in engaging your audience.
  • Finally, a clearly defined plan helps efficiently manage marketing resources.

As social media is diverse and ever changing, so is a social media marketing strategy. A social marketing plan is not a static but dynamic document that should be revisited and modified from time to time.

This is to meet the changing social media world and your business objectives. 

Simply put, a social media marketing strategy is a vital aspect for doing business in this new digital marketing age. It helps your brand reach its required marketing goals and optimize resources to the fullest.

If you still do not have a strategy, we highly recommend you get a social media marketing company to assist you develop one for your business.

Have a social media marketing strategy for your business? 

Think one is required for a brand seeking a successful social media presence?