There are so many ways to create a niche for yourself and increase audience engagement on social media. One is the creation of unique contents with amazing visuals and another is the ‘tone of voice’ you choose to adopt.

Most users, more often than not, overlook the importance of what tone they use to communicate online – this shouldn’t be so.

But before I go further, let me ask a quick question:

Would you prefer being spoken to with a strict business tone or casually as a friend, for a potential working relationship?

The latter I’m sure! 

Getting your tone of voice right humanizes your brand and it allows you to interact with your audience naturally, which in turn leads to increased engagement and ultimately leads to more conversion.

Now you see where I’m going with this right?

Basically, if you get your voice right, social media marketing becomes a piece of cake.

Finding the right tone of voice on social media can be somewhat tasking as unlike other optimization measures, this is because of the following:

  • It is not ‘one size fits all.’
  • It’s not a trackable statistic or some measurable element.
  • It forms a core part of a brand, so it can either boost or kill the brand

 The tone used in communicating on social media isn’t something you get together at once. It takes time, planning and of course practice.

Effective communication is the basis for any successful business relationship.

This is why you should endeavor to create authentic and personal communication first, before business.

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Sometimes, we make decisions based on first impressions and whether you like it or not, your logo is the first impression your brand gives to would-be customers.

It’s most likely the first thing they see when you hand them your business card or visit your website. Generally, it’s a snapshot of your brand’s persona – it tells people what to expect.

Your logo is powerful!

Since it’s the first point of contact for your brand, it is crucial that your company’s trademark evokes the right image of your business and appeals to consumers.

Now that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and design a complex symbol, splattered with colors and shapes of different sizes.

On the contrary, a simple sign depicting what your company stands for will do the job better while giving you a more professional look.

A professionally crafted logo design will help:

  • Create awareness for your business
  • Attract new customers
  • Make people remember you

Keep in mind that, whatever logo you chose to adopt will constantly make statements about your business; from the type of products or services you render to the experience you promise to offer clients, should they patronize you.

A good company logo is simple but memorable and of course, should appeal to the psyche of consumers.

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