Would you rather have an expert design your website or go through the stress of designing it yourself?
Nowadays, professional web designers are often overlooked when carrying out website design projects, simply because there are a lot of DIY (do it yourself) resources to make computer novices seem like skilled web designers.
As a business, your website serves as your online image. It represents your brand, what you stand for and should always deliver a clear message to visitors. It’s the first impression online potential clients have of your brand and it may go as far as being the deciding factor if these clients will work with you or not.
Why then would you risk not giving this to a competent website designer?
Attempting to build your website is good in theory but if it’s not your area of expertise or want visitors to take you serious as a business, it is best you hand over to the professionals.
Here are some reasons why designing your site shouldn’t be a DIY project;
More than just aesthetics- This is something DIY enthusiast forego before carrying out a design project. It requires proper information architecture, SEO and sometimes some back-end knowledge in order to ensure your design doesn’t affect the front-end flow of the site.

Creativity- These ‘drag and drop’ templates are generic and too restrictive hence leaving little to no room for creativity.
99.3% of people who use DIY templates complain that they are generic and do not satisfy their business needs.
A business website that’s non interactive, won’t let you add new features and is like every other one you’ve come across will end up boring visitors away from your site which will increase bounce rate and in turn harm your SEO and…you get the gist right?
Don’t do it yourself if you’re just going to design a site that’s not unique.

Responsiveness- Self- built websites with little database or graphics are usually non- mobile friendly.
As at the end of 2017, 87% of millennials surfed the internet with their smartphones. This year, the numbers are definitely higher. Imagine losing all that potential business because your site is unresponsive.
People want to be convenient when surfing the internet and if your website doesn’t offer such convenience, they’ll quickly find one that does.

DIGIBUTTERFLY is equipped with a team of competent and experienced designers who understand your need for an integrated, innovative and beautifully designed website with responsive pages.
Give us a call today on 08061210261 or visit DIGIBUTTERFLY to see how we can help with your website endeavors.

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